About Oswalairtravels

"Active Services," a B2B travel company, is dedicated to improving your travel experience, whether for leisure, business, events, etc. Whether it's an incentive programme, a training programme, a business group gathering, a large-scale event, a performance programme, or a family vacation, "Oswalairtravels" has the expertise and ingredients to place the "Oswalairtravels" brand on the map over the last two decades.

From start to finish, the premise is one complete package, with a little more time to plan, budget, and reserve your vacation. "Oswalairtravels" can create a custom itinerary for you. "Oswalairtravels" is a brand concept that provides bespoke excursions to various destinations in the Indian Subcontinent and internationally for individuals and groups.

We are a one-stop company where you can obtain answers to all of your questions and receive dependable help for all of them under one roof at reasonable prices.


In the wake of economic liberalisation and globalisation of the international market, "Oswalairtravels" believes that the following years will continue to be exciting years of infinite possibilities. In light of this trend, we've devised a thorough strategy plan to expand our domestic and international operations in the future years, with the goal of increasing market share in India and abroad.


We urge you to join us in our vision and take advantage of our knowledge, professionalism, flexibility, individualised approach, purchasing power, and diverse product catalogue.